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Vision starts here

Offices Interior Designer Noida   Director   Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon

Vision starts here

  • Place from where the life of office begins,we design Director's Cabin in such a way that it lifts him up in confidence
  • Director always has to be focused in his vision so we design this space with minimum noise level concepts
  • This is the place where all high end clients come so we design this cabin according to business needs

  • Offices Interior Designers In Delhi
  • Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon
  • Offices Interior Designer Noida
Our interiors forces you to manage

Offices Interior Designers In Delhi   Manager   Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon

Our interiors forces you to manage

  • Manager's job is to manage this team so we design his area on practical basis where everything comes handy to him
  • We design his office near to his connected team lead so that reporting can be speedy
  • Air conditioning & Lighting of the cabin plays equally important role when efficiency is concerened, we design the space on high standards

  • Offices Interior Designer Noida
  • Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon
  • Offices Interior Designer Noida
Peppy character

Offices Interior Designer Noida   Staff Bay   Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon

Peppy character

  • We design staff bay in peppy character (as little fun always increases the productivity)
  • We design workdesk & chair space in such a way that circulation should never become problem
  • Chair is most important when come to long sitting postures, we choose it on maximum comfort basis
  • We design lockers for them
  • Ofcourse aesthetics is our expertise

  • Offices Interior Designer Noida
  • Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon
  • Offices Interior Designers In Delhi
  • Offices Interior Designers in Delhi NCR
Decision room

Offices Interior Designer Noida   Conference Room   Offices Interior Designers Gurgaon

Decision room

  • We design Conference room in combo of high class sophistication & elegance
  • We design conference room near to reception lobby yet segregated in silence
  • Big decisions are always taken in big conference halls so we design the space with good sound insulation
  • We design it as heart of the office

Choose Your Design

  • Dicuss your kind of designs with our experts
  • Shortlist the design for pre-final stage
  • For more confidence finalize your designs in 3Ds
  • We have Endless Design Ideas for you

Choose Your Budget

  • Budget is the important aspect in Interiors
  • We design same areas in numerous budgets depending on choice of materials
  • Discuss your kind of budgets with our design experts


  • Furniture is our expertise
  • We have our own manufacturing unit
  • Big Showroom Owners are our regular visitors for their bespoke stuff

Design Consultancy

  • Layout
  • Conceptualisation of design & materials
  • 3D design
  • Working Details

Turn Key

  • We Make a quality checklist, we know the areas
  • Our experience is 16 years
  • We deliver you the clean site
  • We Allocate experienced resources

Project Consultancy

  • You get full design consultancy
  • You get on-site visit for quality control
  • You get vendor management
  • You get project management for timely competition

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Office interiors designers in Delhi

Office design is of great importance to both employees and customers.
For employees, who spend more time in office as compared to homes, it is crucial to create a space that's functional, visually appealing, comfortable, and inviting—all of which enhance their productivity and efficiency.

For customers, office design sets the tone for a business and tells a story about the brand, professionalism, and success of the company, which inturn motivates the customers to buy the product/service.

The interior design of any office affects people’s moods, inspiration and attitudes. That is why building a space conducive for owners, employees, and customers is no longer being considered just a luxury, it’s becoming a necessity.

Office interiors have the potential to play a major role in influencing the emotions of employees, customers and the owners.
Interior design consciously and subconsciously influences people’s moods and energy on a daily basis.This makes its design one of the most important decisions a company can make when creating an identity and healthy workplace.

There is a reason why successful businesses spend time and energy ensuring their offices are well-designed. Not only does it create a healthy workplace, a well designedoffice environment has the ability to support and enhance the success of a business.

These days, interior designers are adopting newer technologies and innovations to make the designs and end products more attractive, comfortable and practical for customers.

Testimonials What people say about us!

  • Jenny Doe

    Mika Singh(Singer,Bollywood)

    Jatin, the owner of Shabad Interiors made my farm house from the scratch. It would have been impossible to make my farm house without his professional advice and expertise.

    John Doe

    Daler Mehndi(Singer)

    Well Done! Shabad Interiors. Fabulous work done. We are really happy for the job done by you to make our house. Thanks for turning our home into a well designed house. Keep going

  • Jarvis Doe

    Ram Sharma(Business Head Minda Group)

    Shabad Interiors have done wonderful work for our office at Jahangirpuri. Their timely work and professional approach helped us to complete our office well in time.

    Cyra Doe

    Sumeet Kumar(TCS IT Professional)

    We bought a society flat at Dwarka. Although we did not want to spend lot of money, but with help of Jatin we were able to have a complete well designed flat, by refurbishing some of the old stuff.

  • Shawn Doe

    Ram Sharma (Minda Group)

    Now, after my office work I handed over my house to them. They are doing pretty good. I must say that “It is a myth that designers are expensive” infact they are cost effective. Moreover they give good and elegant designs.

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